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JY-IC-150B Thick Film Printing Machine 
Brand: JianYu Tec.
Model: JY-IC-150B
Service life: 150x150
Applicable temperature: 320x320
Insulation resistance(mΩ/500V): semi-automatic
Film thickness: 80-120 μm
Product Details

Screen Printing Machine for Flat Surface

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Printing specification


X/Y Adjustable direction


Platform size


Angle of rotation

±1.6 degree

Max screen frame


Printing speed

1500 mm/s

Screen distance


Flood coat speed

1500 mm/s

Overprint accuracy


Platform movement speed

600 mm/s

Scratch printing operation accuracy


Max air Pressure


Ink layer thickness deviation


Operation mode

Manual/Semi-automatic/full automatic

Platform non-flatness


Constant air pressure

6.0~8.0 Kgf/cm2

Platform positioning accuracy


Max printing times

600 time/Hr



Dimensions(W×L×H )mm


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Widely used in ceramic capacitors, resistors, thick film circuits, ceramic circuits, filters, glazed potentiometers, dielectric antennas, ceramic metallization, RFID, automotive oil level sensors, tension sensors, air quality sensors, pressure sensors (piezoresistive, capacitive) integrated LED lamp holders, piezoelectric ceramic components, LED ceramic substrates, LTCC, MLCC, filters, ceramic thickness. Membrane circuit, solar wafer, chip element and electronic components printing process manufacturing.


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  • This machine is a standard thick film circuit printer. Its main features are easy to use, high efficiency and high precision.

  • The whole squeeze casting of the machine head adopts full motor design, and the

  • The printing pressure is stabilized by an electric proportional valve within ±0.01Mpa (such as 0.54-0.56Mpa) to further improve the accuracy of the air pressure control.

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--- Pre-consultation:provides professional SMT solution for the full line.
--- Factory Warranty:One-year warranty factory service.
--- Installation:On-site installation and commissioning,to ensure smooth production.
--- Technical Training:provides professional training from level 1 to level 3.
--- Technical Support:provides 7 days * 24 hours technical support.
--- Software Upgrade:offers lifetime free software upgrades from all products.


1.Are you a factory or trading company ?
A:We are factory in China, JianYu Technology Co ltd., has been involved in develop&produce screen printing machine more than 9 years. We are famous in high quality and best service.

2.Does this product support customization?
A:Yes, customization supported. Mainly depends on your requirements, if could send photo of products better.

3.Can we use our own design or logo ,and do some changes to your machine ?
A:Of course ,you can,we are open and we would be very appreciate to listen to your advice.

4.What are your main production?
We are not produce more, we only did what we can produce better! Thick Film Printing Machines and Heating elements.

5.What is the warranty of Machines ?
A: We provide 12 months warranty , Technique Supports would be always online, Oversea Technician service would be provided when it is necessary or requested by clients.

6.How do you ship the products?
A: Depend on the quantity&price&time(your requirement)Generally shipping by DHL/ TNT/ by airplane/ by sea. If customer require door to door service, please choose DHL/ TNT, which is also the delivery accepted by most users. If customer prefer saving shipping cost, by airline or by sea is good idea.


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