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    We are an innovative technology enterprise that focuses on the R&D, production, and customization of high-precision thick film screen printer. The products are suitable for thick film screen printing technology in multiple precision electronic industries such as ceramic circuit boards, semiconductors, sensors,power batteries,solar cells,touch screens, Leds, optical lenses,etc.
    Since its establishment in 2010, we have always adhered to technological innovation and have formed a full industry intelligent automation thick film printing product system that combines more than 40 patented technologies with more than 30 application models.
    Our factory covers an area of 2500 square meters, including a thick film printing laboratory. We have a professional team that continuously develops flat, circular tube, specialized, and automated thick film printing technologies.
What We Do
Professional production of various thick film screen printing equipment, customized intelligent automation equipment

A series of services including process and equipment R&D, assembly and debugging,  technical training

High precision screen printer

Responsive global support of pre-sales research, improvement in sales and after-sales.

Global technical support
Including CCD alignment, automatic detection, automatic loading and unloading system, etc
Automation customization
Popular Prodcuts
Thick film screen printing machines are widely used for surface, buried, through hole printing and production processes of precision electronic components in various industries such as thick film circuits, fuel cells, LTCC, HTCC, MLCC, filters, chip resistors, GPS dielectric antennas, ceramic heating pads, ceramic substrates, chip capacitors, thick film resistors, semiconductors, sensors, flexible electronics, solar cells, etc. The substrate can be various materials such as graphite, ceramics, metals, thin films, wafers, glass, or plastics.
Max Printing size: 100mmx100mm Operation mode: Manual This is a small and high-precision manual desk thick film screen printer that can be used for experimental research on ceramic substrates, small electronic components, etc
Maximum printing size: 200mmx200mm The printing accuracy: ± 5um The screen printer can be used for precision screen printing of ceramic substrates, electronic components,sensor ,PCB boards and other fields. It is equipped with CCD automatic visual alignment to reduce manual feeding errors.
Maximum printing size: 130mmx130mm The printing accuracy: ± 5um This is the special screen printer for Production of Multilayer circuit Components such as LTCC,HTCC,MLCC, fuel cell,solar cell,etc. The platform is equipped with a special roll paper platform, effectively preventing cross contamination during printing.
High precision screen printer for ceramic rod, cylinder and stainless tube. Printing diameter : φ4-20mm Printing length: 30-160mm
Maximum printing size: 230mmx230mm The printing accuracy: ± 5um IC-250 upgraded version This is the special screen printer for Production of Multilayer circuit Components such as LTCC,HTCC,MLCC, fuel cell,solar cell,etc. The platform is equipped with a special roll paper platform, effectively preventing cross contamination during printing.
Substrate: ceramics base copper-clad laminates printing accuracy : ± 0.01mm Printing capacity: 600pcs per hour This fully automatic screen printer can be used for the automatic screen printing process of ceramics base copper-clad laminates such as AMB,DBC,etc.
Our Printing Equipment
High precision, Uniform film thickness
The positioning accuracy of thick film printer is ± 0.005mm, the film thickness deviation is ± 0.004mm, and the 0.02mm width line can printable with electronic paste.
Our Printing Equipment
Our Customized Projects
Our Customized Projects
Non-standardized automation solutions according to customer process requirements
Design and produce a fully automatic printing system that includes multiple functions such as automatic feeding, automatic alignment printing, automatic detection, automatic sintering, and automatic material collection,etc. You can also customize the semi-automatic screen printer.
Customer Sample Video
06 August 2023
The difficulty of thick film screen printing process for AMB CCL lies in maintaining high consistency of printing film thickness
07 August 2023
Thick film screen printing technology is widely used in semiconductor production, which can be applied to multiple semiconductor production processes such as round crystal coated glass powder, photoresist printing, soldering printing in semiconductor packaging processes
16 August 2023
High precision thick film printing process for conductive and insulating ceramic sealing components used in electronic components
17 August 2023
Thick film printing technology is suitable for mass production of flexible sensors due to its low cost, high accuracy, and high consistency
05 August 2023
The application of thick film screen printing technology in the field of medical equipment, such as household medical equipment, high-precision medical testing equipment, etc
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